The new sonnets V-VII

sonnet V

A beach without you is but barren sand

A sunset astronomical event

The rising moon becomes deplorable cliché

Wine is a toxic, cocaine a mere drug


An orgasm just bodily necessity

But with you everything´s a miracle

A sunrise is Aurora´s symphony

Your golden locks a prayer to Apoll


Your azurne eyes a wond´rous looking glass

Your laughter a mere song

Your smile a compliment to gods


So make my love your  habitable nation

And as a present take my admiration


You are, I say with some consideration

Not less, than mine, a poets liberation










A thought of you, about you shall remembered be

As long as I draw breaths, my history

Would senseless, void, forgettable, vain, useless, be

A thought of you shall be my history


For thinking with you pleasures hold

Your thoughts a variation manifold

In a surrounding world that leaves me cold

And isolated, as I often told


Thee, as my pleasure, in my thoughts do hold

Each day, each minute, second – bold

Is this my statement, many of which sold

Make up my fortunes, destinies untold


Oh, hear my yearning! Listen to my vows

And grace my words with certain apprehention

I think my love, my love, deserves attention!



Sonnet VII

A love like mine resembles tyranny

For it wants more of you than you can give

But left shere unexpressed it should be infamy

And without saying so I could not live


A tyranny? What goods democracy does have

But in emtional matters nothing shall remain

And my love surely does resemble but a knave

I do not know to have my words to make more plain


I love you, yeah, and I do nothing to deceive

Your expectations, oh, do take my leave

For I shall do no other than believe

Than you can love me, too, till I receive


A kiss, a hug, a smile, I do reply

There is no lover such as me, and I do smile.

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