Some words on current music – the label DIYNAMICS

The label DIYNAMIC was founded in connection with the party services DIY and carries its philosophy already in its name: do it yourself!
In a very short time the Hamburg label could attract attention to its music and found fans worldwide. In a time, in which everything had to be most minimalistic, DJ´s´and Clubbers were amazed. Meloudiousness and Deepness – there is no contradiction to Detroit and Chicago. So the DIYNAMIC-sound was defined by the protagonists of the label, Solumun as producer, H.O.S.H., Stimming, the collective Turmstrasse and Paulo Olarte. The Artists are the backbone of DIYNAMIC, they care for a constant policy of publications and trust the connected booking of DIY. These pillars of DIYNAMIC and the constanly growing pool aof new artists as Ost&Kjex, Jay Shepheard and Solar&Poppke are presently at home in Sao Paulo, New York, Tokio, London; berlin, Barcelona and Kassel. The international breaktrough were titels and hits „firebird and miracle of ice“ (german: Feuervogel/Eiszauber“ and „Steppenwolf“ – Part ! of the CD-compliation „Saturday I am in love“ was just released. The outstanding postition of Diynamics in a cosmopolitan sphere is shown through the remixes of the well-known artists Jerome Sydenham, Anja Schneider, Jimpster, Jackmate, Lawrence, Motorcitysoul, Argy, Guido Schneider and many more. DIYNAMICS has not been constructed on the green table but through a long and thorough networking as: cultural communities, club nights, readings and exhibitions between Hamburg and Berlin. The founders Adriano Trolio and Mladen Solomun never had a masterplan but gave themselves to a natrual flow of developments. After years of learning and doing through disciplines as marketing, dry construction, filmproducing or clubbooking they invented their party-series of DIY – the wildest and most loved party in Hamburg so far. Two years later there followed the logical next step of founding diynamic, whose history of music is written on and on in Hamburg. An end is not in sight so far.

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