nordic film festival

Saturday, November 05, 2005, 13:22

in lubeck, the crown jewel of hanse cities, i found myself with the adorable karsten and my finnish friend timo valtonnen in the presence of several scandinavian ambassadors at the opening in one of the renaissance churches – the premiere film was as depressive as danish stories can get: totschlag, the story of a teacher who protects his younger and loved female pupil, who sadly turns out to be a terrorist, from prosecution, loses his job, his wife and family and his reputation – and, who would have thought, after losing his terror-lover, he loses his mind.

if you were looking for something more uplifting, i have three words for you: hahaha. the lars von trier manderley was so bad, that even my adorable karsten uttered something of never seeing another trier-movie again, while i went outside and vowed the same. oh happy hollywood – i confess that i want to be amused in cinema. so sorry indeed!